Brimming with a fillip and vivacity, some young men and women enthusiastically came forward, many a famous artist and masters of art expressed their Ernest desire, all of them stretched their hands of co-operation for the expansion and propagation, research and development and also for the betterment of the examination system of Indian classical songs and music dance and recitation, sculpture and paintings and thus Silpitirtha was born.

We, on behalf of Silpitirtha, has framed a syllabus in conformity with other organization that conduct examinations and this has been done keeping the life as a whole in view. Silpitirtha conducts examination of students of different art-forms who follow the approved syllabi of India as well as of West Bengal, it imparts, certificate and awards and arrange for an annual festival of art and culture are felicitated and the poor and meritorious artists are given financial assistance up to the ability of the organization, not only that, we organize training camps under the auspicious and with the help of established personalities in art field. In addition to these activities, we try to linkup with all the centers of art and culture that are engaged in cultivating and promoting the tradition of Indian art and culture, and above all, we try utmost to give special attention and nurture to the young artists who are learners and to the young artists who are learners and aim at to give them proper guidance and guidelines. Silpitirtha seriously contemplates to establish a college of art and craft, and art gallery as well as school of art here at Jhargram. Our dream has turned into reality - the “SILPITRITHA” constituted with the local folk artist - our cozy affection-is there.

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